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Why PlayMaker? 

Live Scoring. Live Stats. Live Updates. 

PlayMaker is more than just a scorebook. PlayMaker offers one-of-a-kind features that bring a new life to sports and their community. Whether it be little league, high school, travel, college, or men's league....PlayMaker is your go-to scorekeeping app. 

Filter your statistics by state, division, tournament, and age group. See how you stack up against similar competition or see where you rank compared to players across the country. Receive game and at-bat updates from your favorite player. Easily adjust stat errors with 2-clicks with our auto-correction software. Visit your tournament home page to find scores, stats, and standout performers from the weekend. 

Take scoring as in-depth as you want with PlayMaker. Visit SCORING, STATS, and RECRUITING to learn more about the app and its features. 


1 person scores..... anyone enjoys! Follow live on the app, receive text message updates, or check-in for a game recap after the action.


Create an athlete profile that displays stats, metrics, measurables, and more! Have the ability to share your profile with college coaches through our recruiting hub! 


Filter stats to be able to see stat leaders in various areas. Filter by: 

1. Tournament

2. State

3. Region 

4. Nation 

5. Age/Division 

Always Improving

In the near future, PlayMaker will offer multiple sports and video streaming.


Please contact with suggested improvements, we take your feedback seriously. 

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