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Player Profiles, Recruiting, and More! 

       The college recruiting process is a flawed system that is difficult for all parties involved. With the addition of NIL deals and transfer portal usage, a high school player can be overwhelmed when looking for their next stop in their baseball career. With PlayMaker, athletes can directly connect their player profiles to Prep Baseball Rankings.                        Prep Baseball Rankings uses an elaborate data algorithm to accurately rank high school baseball players solely based off of stats, metrics, and level of competition. Many players are overlooked because they do not pass the "eye test", but with Prep Baseball Rankings, any player that performs will be ranked without bias. 

       Why choose Prep Baseball Rankings? Easy, college coaches recruit for free. Unlike similar recruiting sites, Prep Baseball Rankings does not require a premium membership in order for college scouts to see rankings, metrics, stats, measurables, and other player profile information. Scouts can easily access the rankings and filter players by what they are looking for... need a speedy outfielder that can hit for contact, simply filter the algorithm by 60-yard dash, position, and batting average! 

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